Maldonado was born after years of working in fashion, with production systems that are completely broken, and that until today they make me feel little, confused, and sometimes heartbroken.
I'm a Latina based in Berlin and this is an invitation to change the way that we see things, to ask ourselves what products are buying, and to redefine the supply chain. We can do great things and most importantly have fun with Fashion, but carefully and consciously.

All Maldonado garments are made with deadstock fabrics using prints to bring back to life forgotten textiles and, as they are produced on a small scale, you will have pieces that nobody else has! you’ll never be going to have a who wore it better moment!

A very special part of the brand is the corsets, a garment that can uplift everybody, they are usually made of table cloths and deadstock vintage Jacquards and only creating them on demand, making the less waste as possible and by measure.
A portrait of the Designer in her atelier, a woman with long read heair dress with longsleeve balck top with a white rose printed in the front